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Welcome to the official fanlisting from Yaya x Nana. Aproved by the ! This is the one and only fanlisting dedicated to the charcter Yaya/Nana from the manga Othello by Ai Yazawa.


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3d of September 2004
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22th of June 2004
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About Nana x Yaya: Nana and Yaya are a character from the great manga Othello by Satomi Ikezawa. The manga is about a shy girl called Yaya. She has a crush on a boy from her class called Moriyama and is a big fan of the j-rock ban Juliet. She has two girls in her class, who call themselfes Yayas "friends". But tehy only use her.
Soon Yayas secret turns out. Everytime she watches her self in the mirror or in a window, in the whater or whereever, she shows her second personality: The brave and outgoing Nana. If Nana gets a shock she turns back into Yaya. But while Nana knows that Yaya exists and wants to help her, Yaya has no idea about Nana, and always forgets what happened and what Nana has done. So that Nana kissed Yayas crush Moriyama and that Nana played a trick on yayas evil friends ...


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