... Online sites

• Doll Revolution This is my personal blog. Here you can read about all the weired stuff i am telling, but nobody wants to know!

• Two Souls The official fanlisting to Nana / Yaya from the great manga Othello by Ai Yazawa.

• Mermaid-Melody A little shrine dedicated to Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch. You can find a lot of stuff, downloads and information.

• Apparena Graphics This is the german Graphicsite from Ayumi, Luna, Kaori, Karu, Chibie, Yuni and me.

• Girls only My little clique. Only for gilrs!! Specially for those, who are prod to be girls! Like i am XD

... Coming up

• What if Is going to be my mp3 rotation site, where you will find some of my favourite mp3īs. I will exchange the mp3īs vere second month.

... Webmistress

Hey! This is where i want to tell you some stuff about me and how i came to the webdesign.
I started building homepages, when i was ca 12 years old. I often looked for mangapictures on the internet, when i recognized, that many of the pages, were made from girls, not much older than me. So i began with a free beepworld-homepage. But soon i wanted to make my page look prettier. I started learning html, by looking at other pages codes and reading tutorials. And this is where all that brought me. I am 15 now and i am still learning! I hope that i will never loose fun of making webgraphics!

... Contact

But pleeeaaaseeee... I donīt want to see my inbox full of those "send-this-to-ten-persons-or-you-will-die-messages" !!!
name: Liu
mail: mailme@scurrilous.net
msn: strawberrycatha@hotmail.com
icq: donīnt have it anymore; donīt want it!
guestbook: sign

... Layout

This layout is done in Photoshop 7.0 and Paint Shop pro 7. The picture is scanned by myself from a big catalogue-group called "Zefa". I loved the pic from the first moment i saw it, so i had to make a layout.
Html is all done by myself too. I donīt use any programs, because i canīt deal with them. ^^"